Your Mommy Was an Artist

This piece was a kind of afterthought to a very overworked video which ultimately failed, “My Child in My Art.” Having submitted draft after draft to various artistic friends for feedback, and failing each time to address their criticisms, I reconciled with it as a flawed step in a bigger artistic journey, and uploaded it to Youtube. The question I had posed in “My Child in My Art” was “why do I have trouble making art about my child?” When it was finished, out of frustration, I broadened the question to  “why do I have trouble making art?” I made this film, in which I poured my heart out to my toddler. His charming oblivion reflects that my creative block lies inside of me, and blame cannot be placed anywhere external. I have to thank him for cooperating (in his own way), thereby suggesting an answer to “My Child in My Art,” and also adding so much lightness to the piece, that it buoyed me throughout the process of editing.


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